Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Autumn Sunshine
Living in the South has its perks. I can take a jog on New Year's Day in shorts and a tank top. I take beach days well into November. I use the heater maybe 2 months out of the year. All that said, I miss the fresh, crisp smell of autumn as it exists most other places. The hint of woodsmoke in the air, apple picking, pumpkin patches, vibrant foliage glowing warm tones that take the bite out of the chilly mornings, piles of leaves to rake...
ok, so I don't miss everything about fall. Those of you that do get to enjoy the typical harvest season, take a deep breath for me as you feel the autumn sunshine on your face.


  1. Though I too miss the change of seasons; the bright colors of fall foliage, the first cool, crisp morning of autumn or the first snowfall of winter, blanketing everything in a powdery, white coat that shimmers and glistens in the light of the sun. I whole-heartedly agree with you that living in the south ( my case, south Florida) has its perks too, like not trudging through the slushy mush of melting snow and ice or being so cold you can't feel your fingers, toes or nose.
    And thanks for correcting your comments setting. :)

  2. That's a really pretty painting!
    Thanks for stopping my blog. I don't have autumn where I live (it's either the sunny tropics, or rainy days) :)